Week Taped Panel Mystery Guest(s)
157 07/20/72 SS, Dana Valery, Gene Shalit, Melba Tolliver Peter Lind Hayes, Maureen Stapleton, Count Basie,Artie Shaw
158 (7/27/72) SS, Anita Gillette, Gene Rayburn, AF ...
159 08/03/72 SS, Anita Gillette, Henry Morgan, AF Roberta Peters, Joe Garagiola, Henry Gibson, Jack E. Leonard
160 (8/10/72) SS, Gail Sheldon, Allen Ludden, AF Jerry Vale, Art Carney, Allen Funt
161 (8/17/72) SS, Anita Gillette, Jack Cassidy, AF Tiny Tim, Dina Merrill
162 (8/24/72) SS, Melba Tolliver, Jim Backus, AF Robert Culp, Guy Lombardo, Jim Brown, Henny Youngman, Dick Shawn
163 08/31/72 SS, Dana Valery, Henry Morgan, AF Joel Grey, Cyril Ritchard, Ken Rosewall, Earl Wilson, David Wayne
164 09/07/72 Gene Rayburn, Sheila MacRae, Gene Shalit, AF Mel Torme, Patrick McNee, Peter Duchin, Dave Brubeck
165 (9/14/72) SS, Meredith MacRae, Mel Torme, AF Ginger Rogers, Darren McGavin, Melba Moore, Burl Ives
166 (9/21/72) SS, Joanna Barnes, Tony Roberts, AF Terry Ann Meeuwsen (Miss America)
167 09/28/72 SS, Aliza Kashi, Alan Alda, AF Lisa Kirk, Anita Loos, Joey Adams, Skitch Henderson
168 10/05/72 SS, Dana Valery, Alan Alda, AF Phyllis Newman, Rona Barrett
169 (10/12/72) SS, Melba Tolliver, Allen Ludden, AF ...
170 10/19/72 SS, Sherrye Henry, Gene Shalit, AF Lotte Lenya, Rex Reed
171 (10/26/72) SS, Gail Sheldon, Alan Alda, Joanna Barnes ...
172 (11/2/72) SS, Ruta Lee, Alan Alda, AF Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), Dorothy Lamour,Orson Bean, Andre Kostelanetz
173 11/09/72 SS, Sherrye Henry, Henry Morgan, AF Stubby Kaye, Geoffrey Holder, Jessica Tandy, Pat Cooper
174 11/16/72 SS, Dana Valery, Allen Ludden, AF Yogi Berra, Jo Anne Worley, George Maharis,Robert Shaw & Mary Ure
175 11/23/72 SS, Anita Gillette, Gene Shalit, AF Betty White, Dizzy Gillespie, Lucie Arnaz, Jean Pierre Aumont & Marisa Pavan
176 11/30/72 SS, Sherrye Henry, Jack Cassidy, AF Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, Woody Herman, Minnesota Fats, Martha Raye, Shelley Winters
177 12/07/72 Gene Rayburn, Phyllis George, Henry Morgan, AF Richard Deacon, Glynis Johns, Cleveland Amory,James Coco, Lana Cantrell
178 12/14/72 SS, Sherrye Henry, Jack Cassidy, AF Larry Storch, Willie Mays, Susannah York, Mickey Spillane
179 (12/21/72) SS, Dana Valery, Gene Shalit, AF Werner Klemperer, Otto Preminger, Marty Allen,Bernadette Peters
180 12/28/72 SS, Joanna Barnes, Werner Klemperer, AF Julie Budd, The Amazing Kreskin, Julie Harris,B.B. King, Sam Levene
181 01/04/73 Henry Morgan, Phyllis George, Tony Roberts, AF Dane Clark, Julius LaRosa, Elaine Joyce, Fran Allison, Lorna Luft
182 01/11/73 Gene Rayburn, Melba Tolliver, Mark Goodson, AF Bill Todman, Julie Newmar, Myron Cohen, Hazel Scott, Don Stewart
183 (1/18/73) SS, Sherrye Henry, Gene Shalit, AF Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Cicely Tyson, Jack Albertson, Ricardo Montalban, Stevie Wonder
184 01/25/73 SS, Joanna Simon, Allen Ludden, AF Robert Merrill (One model is future motion picture actress Angelica Huston), Kay Medford, Robert Clary, Edward Mulhare, Freda Payne
185 02/01/73 SS, Meredith MacRae, Henry Morgan, AF Sid Caesar, June Lockhart, Morty Gunty, Donna Jean Young, Art Fleming
186 02/08/73 SS, Lucie Arnaz, Gene Rayburn, AF Agnes Moorhead, Jim Bailey, Richard Chamberlain, Eddie Albert, Cab Calloway
187 02/15/73 SS, Anita Gillette, Leonard Harris, AF Eve Arden, Robert Lansing (Guests include Popcorn King Orville Reddenbacker), David Birney, Norm Crosby, Kay Ballard
188 02/22/73 SS, Melba Tolliver, Gene Shalit, AF Chuck Connors, Paul Lynde, Patricia Neal, Peter Marshall
189 03/01/73 SS, Sherrye Henry, Alejandro Rey, AF Rip Torn, Maureen O'Sullivan, (Guest: Baroness Maria Von Trapp whose life inspired the play and movie "The Sound of Music"), Robert Klein.Jacqueline Bisset
190 03/08/73 SS, Phyllis George, Leonard Harris, AF Jimmy the Greek also Shari Lewis, Frankie Laine, Wilfred Hyde-White, Ted Knight, Michael York
191 (3/15/73) SS, Elaine Joyce (2)/Marcia Rodd (3), Allen Ludden, AF Helen O'Connell, Bobby Van, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bert Convy, Noel Harrison
192 (3/22/73) SS, Meredith MacRae, Bert Convy, AF Anita Gillette, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Jayne Meadows, Louis Nye, Steve Allen
193 03/29/73 Anita Gillette, Alan Alda, Sherrye Henry, SS Nanette Fabray, Adrienne Barbeau, Michele Lee,Jacqueline Susann, Barbara Feldon
194 (4/5/73) SS, Leonard Harris, Joanna Barnes, AF Alejandro Rey (William Gaines and Dick DeBartolo of MAD Magazine), Anna Moffo, Mark Goodson, Nipsey Russell, Don Murray

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