Week Taped Panel Mystery Guest(s)
79 04/20/70 ... Geraldine Brooks, Judy Carne, Jo Ann Pflug, Selma Diamond, Arch Buchwald
80 04/09/70 ... Bill Dana, Blythe Danner, Jack Narz, Marcel Marceau
81 04/16/70 Werner Klemperer The Mills Brothers, Jane Kean, Clayton Moore, Mason Williams
80 04/23/70 SS, Joanna Barnes, Gene Rayburn, AF Helen Rayburn, Brian Aherne, Stanley Myron Handelman, Burgess Meredith, Denise Nicholas
83 04/30/70 SS, Meredith MacRae, Robert Q. Lewis, AF Juliet Mills, Tony Randall, Mitch Milner, Prof. Irwin Corey, Tony Randall
84 05/07/70 SS, Sandy Duncan, Alan Alda, AF Elaine Stritch
85 05/14/70 Gene Rayburn, Gail Sheldon, Bert Convy, AF Jacqueline Bisset, Frankie Avalon, Suzanne Pleshette, Kay Stevens
86 05/18/70 SS, Sandy Duncan, Bennett Cerf, AF Louis Nye, Peggy Fleming
87 06/04/70 SS, Tammy Grimes, Allen Ludden, AF B. B. King
88 06/11/70 SS, Sally Ann Howes, Bert Convy, AF Richard Tucker, Walt Frazier
89 06/18/70 SS, Sandy Duncan, Henry Morgan, AF Melba Moore, Michael Constatine
90 06/25/70 SS, Gail Sheldon, Alejandro Rey, AF Gil Fates, Charles Nelson Reilly
91 08/20/70 SS, Anita Gillette, Gene Rayburn, AF Barbara Barrie, Rodney Dangerfield
92 08/27/70 SS, Anita Gillette, Gawn Grainger, AF Cass Elliot, Billy Jean King, Celeste Holm, Earl Wilson
93 09/03/70 SS, Gail Sheldon, Gawn Grainger, AF Ed Nelson, Rita Gam, Buffy Sainte Marie
94 09/10/70 SS, Anita Gillette, Gene Rayburn, AF Larry Kert, Skitch Henderson, Lionel Hampton
95 09/17/70 SS, Joanna Barnes, Larry Blyden, AF Ruby Dee, Jacqueline Susann, Cyril Ritchard
96 10/05/70 SS, Anita Gillette, Bennett Cerf, AF Alan Sues, Peter Falk, Kitty Carlisle, Ed McMahon
97 10/08/70 SS, Anita Gillette, Robert Morse, AF Jake LaMotta, Ann-Margret, John Raitt, Helen Gurley Brown
98 (10/12/70) SS, Sheila MacRae, Alejandro Rey, AF Edie Adams, John Forsythe, Peggy Cass
99 10/15/70 SS, Sandy Duncan, Alan Alda, AF Johnny Mercer, James Coco, Patricia Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cotton, Betsy Palmer
100 10/22/70 SS, Joanna Barnes, Bert Convy, AF Jim Bouton, Dore Schary, 500th Episode Larry Blyden
101 11/05/70 SS, Phyllis Newman, Bennett Cerf, AF Mel Brooks, The Duke of Bedford, Roger Williams
102 11/19/70 Melba Toliver, Barbara Howar Anthony Quayle, Nancy Wilson, Howard Duff
103 11/25/70 Lady Antonia Wardell Ron Johnson, Chill Wills
104 12/03/70 ... Elizabeth Allen, Jackie Kannon, Carl Stokes
105 12/10/70 ... Betty Furness, George Plimpton, Sandler & Young
106 12/17/70 Carole Shelley Betsy Von Furstenberg
107 12/24/70 ... David Burns, Sandy Duncan, Jenny O'Hara, Alice Playten
108 12/31/70 John Schubeck Howard Cosell, Mildred Dunnock, Mickey Spillane
109 01/07/71 ... Diana Lynn, Lana Cantrell
110 01/14/71 ... Dom DeLuise
111 01/21/71 ... Della Reese, Busby Berkeley
112 01/28/71 ... Henry Mancini, Rachel Roberts, David Steinberg,Nancy Dickerson
113 02/04/71 SS, Anita Gillette, Jack Cassidy, AF Patsy Kelly, William Shatner, Melvin Belli
114 02/11/71 ... Chuck McCann, Satchel Paige
115 02/18/71 Kay Ballard Gail Fisher, Rod Laver, Dana Andrews
116 02/25/71 ... Lainie Kazan, John Marley
117 03/04/71 SS, Anita Gillette, Bennett Cerf, AF Lasie, Burt Reynolds, Jack Gilford, Louis Prima

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