Season 6Edit

Aired Panel Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3 Mystery Guest
1/2 DK, Sam Levenson, Betty Furness, BC Eve Arden
1/9 DK, FA, Janet Leigh, BC Tony Curtis
1/16 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, BC Esther Williams
1/23 DK, FA, AF, BC Dennis Day
1/30 DK, FA, AF, BC Shelley Winters
2/6 DK, FA, AF, Sam Levenson Pearl Bailey
2/13 DK, FA, AF, Louis Jourdan Senator John McClellan
2/20 DK, FA, AF, Ezio Pinza Dorothy Lamour
2/27 DK, FA, AF, Reginald Gardiner Portland Hoffa
3/6 DK, FA, AF, BC Lily Pons
3/13 DK, FA, AF, BC Sammy Davis, Jr.
3/20 DK, FA, AF, BC Terry Moore
3/27 DK, Wally Cox, AF, BC Tyrone Power
4/3 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, BC Fred Astaire
4/10 DK, FA, AF, BC 1.Amelia Adler, 2.Rhonda Fleming
4/17 DK, FA, AF, BC Barbara Ann Scott
4/24 DK, FA, AF, BC Rosemary Clooney
5/1 DK, FA, Larraine Day, BC Gracie Fields
5/8 DK, FA, Larraine Day, BC Hildegarde
5/15 AF, FA, Mary Healy, BC Marge & Gower Champion
5/22 AF, FA, Mary Healy, BC Van Johnson
5/29 DK, FA, AF, BC The McGuire Sisters
6/5 DK, FA, AF, BC Conrad Hilton
6/12 DK, FA, AF, BC Tom Ewell
6/19 DK, FA, Betty White, BC Arnold Stang
6/26 DK, FA, Betty White, BC Jose Ferrer
7/3 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, BC Audie Murphy
7/10 DK, Jack Paar, AF, BC Sheree North
7/17 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, BC Fred Allen
7/24 DK, FA, AF, BC Robert Q. Lewis
7/31 DK, FA, AF, BC Ty Cobb
8/7 DK, FA, AF, BC Burl Ives
8/14 DK, FA, AF, BC Paul Muni
8/21 DK, FA, AF, BC 1.William Parker, 2.Audrey Meadows
8/28 DK, FA, AF, BC 1. Lily Dache, 2. Peggy King
9/4 DK, FA, AF, BC Jean Pierre Aumont
9/11 DK, FA, AF, BC Joe E. Lewis
9/18 DK, FA, AF, BC Joe DiMaggio
9/25 DK, FA, AF, BC 1. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, 2. Jackie Gleason
10/2 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, AF, BC Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
10/9 DK, Robert Q. Lewis, Gail Storm, BC Hal March
10/16 DK, FA, AF, BC Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey
10/23 DK, FA, AF, BC 1.Herman Wouk, 2.Van Heflin
10/30 DK, FA, AF, BC 1.Florence Chadwick, 2.Jean Simmons
11/6 DK, FA, AF, BC Harry Belafonte
11/13 DK, FA, AF, BC Phil Silvers
11/20 BC, AF, FA, DK 1.Richard Kollmar, 2.Garry Moore
11/27 AF, BC, DK, FA Jack Palance
12/4 DK, FA, AF, BC 1.George Axelrod, 2.Vivian Blaine
12/11 DK, FA, AF, BC Martha Raye
12/18 DK, FA, AF, BC Margaret Sullavan
12/25 DK, FA, AF, BC Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy

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