Board GamesEdit

Lowell (1955)Edit

A home version of the show was released by Lowell in 1955.

Whitman (1969)Edit

A home version of the show was released by Whitman in 1969.

Endless Games (2001)Edit

In commemoration of the shows' "50th Anniversary", a new edition was released by Endless Games in 2001.

Record AlbumEdit

Dot (1955)Edit

A record album based on the original show was released by Dot in 1955, where audio recordings of eight "Mystery Guest" segments as originally seen on the show can be heard.

Autobiographical BookEdit

Prentice Hall (1978)Edit

A book called What's My Line?: The Inside History of TV's Most Famous Panel Show Authorized by Gil Fates the show's producer was released by Prentice Hall in 1978. (NOTE: the cover of the book features original host John Charles Daly and the original three panelists Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen.)

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